every woman dreams of having a large and beautiful breast. but even if you're lucky with size, regular therapy will help keep your boobs fit. vacuum therapy can significantly increase tone, make the breast more elastic and most importantly - sensitive. under the influence of vacuum, blood rushes to the boobs and nipples. the suction effect makes them resilient and sticky. powerful sexual arousal, which is a direct result of vacuum stimulation, has a positive effect on hormones and improves your sex life.
from the outside it looks so attractive that HUCOWs have become a separate fetish. and I can understand them. during therapy, I all become wet, run out of juices and want to masturbate on my reflection in the mirror. that’s why it’s the best thing when you are waiting for hubby ) check out my vacuum therapy VIDEO

To enhance the effect, I use a triple HWCOACH pump with a vacuum nozzle for pumping the labia. in just 15 minutes my lips are poured and become huge and super-sensual. I practically can’t walk, because I can get an orgasm from any movement. I take a glass of wine to relieve excitement and expect when my husband comes home, releases my genetals from this device and uses them for their intended purpose

I can also recommend this vacuum pump for those who are passionate about bodymorph, breast vacuum pumping, hucow udders, loose pussy, pussy lips vacuum pumping and enlargement. for female milking stimulation, squirt training etc

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