I can not say that I addicted to bdsm threads. but forced orgasm is something that every girl dreams of in secret. you do not need to strain, think about the feelings of your partner, think about something. It works for me when I'm tired. I'm not tuned to romance, I have no strength to think about the process. my husband and I have an agreement that on such days he can take me by force. sometimes he can just use me like a toy. and it can get me back into the game, even if I'm at zero. but sometimes he approaches the process more thoroughly. for example, forced kegel exercises session with an electrostimulator (TENS estim).

after a long drive, I find myself on a bed in a hotel with handcuffs. he unceremoniously inserts two bipolar electrodes into my anus and vagina, places electrical panels on my buttocks and ... leaves me alone for 30 minutes. my butt shakes and jumps, my holes are compress around the electro-plugs that deliver electrical impulses directly to my uterus. after 5 minutes, I'm all leaking. in 15 minutes it becomes unbearable and i'm ready. but he still drinks wine in the hotel lobby ...
the final is predictable. and it was amazing. A fantastic way to combine intimate exercise with psychological preparation for sex.