Oh yes, it is possible. it is not only possible, but even necessary. Electrotherapy of erogenous zones is an integral part of a normal sex life. and any girl is simply obliged to take care of maintaining the good shape of her genitals. large and sensual nipples, protruding clitoris, susceptible and easily excitable labia. this is easy and pleasant: place two pairs of electrodes on your labia just around your clitoris and vagina so that the electrical impulses pass through them. Put the vacuum cylinders on your nipples and clit. insert the vibrator and enjoy the process. 15 minutes is usually enough

just a few sessions per month will turn you into the queen of orgasm. I prefer to combine electrosex with vacuum stimulation. it gives an incredible shape to my nipples and clit. it is enough to bring the vibrator to the erogenous zone and the orgasm will not take long. Want to see the effect? watch my video

And yes guys, if your wife does not even want to hear about and thinks you are a pervert, you better contact me for advice. a small correspondence psycho correction via telepynosis and... happy wife = happy life