Husband says that when I shoot advertising photosets for my sex toys, I dress like a model. in his opinion, this contrasts with the reality style in which i need to advertise our products. hmm ... actually the last 20 years this is my everyday style.
for example, this photoset was made to advertise our anal toys line. and I just changed my shoes after day in the office )) the rest is my casual clothes. if you are wrong with it, maybe you have a problems? ))

although in my opinion it turned out very well. A date in a hotel is a common thing for a modern business woman. why shouldn't she get dressed and relax in anticipation of a gentleman? devote some time to stretching her anus and train a sphincter? step by step - from a small anal vibrator to an inflatable butt plug and finally - a big and fat black dick. I assure you, further waiting may seem tiresome to her. I do not recommend the gentleman to stay for a minute

By the way, do you like my shoes? I get a lot of reviews about my collection from people prone to foot fetish. but generally I don’t see anything special about them. For some reason, these mules are called "stripper heels". why? Great shoes for home. elegant, sexy. they help me to keep my posture, emphasize my ass and expose beautiful legs wrapped in black nylon =)))